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Today it is more important than ever to reinforce stakeholder confidence by improving all your business performances and by making diligent and verifiable business decisions.

Therefore, we look deeper to understand potentials…

WHO we are

Stüler Consulting is a group of professional specialists experienced in different sectors and industries. We have faced different challenges from Corporate Finance Optimisation to Financial Asset Valuation. But, all of us combine a love for numbers, finance and business modelling. We enjoy the design, structuring and hands-on implementation of integrated planning, scenario analysis, decision support, asset valuation and stress testing models. This passion for consulting lets us excel in all the different situations our clients are facing and our total commitment drives us to deliver outstanding quality.

We believe that a key driver for successfully translating a company’s strategy into a reality is a transparent reliable financial model which predicts the impact of decisions before they are taken.

Our Consultants are very experienced throughout the consulting industry but have also “rolled up their sleeves” and been tested in interims management positions. With this combination of intellectual abilities and hands-on experience we will offer you holistic solutions with a profound basis for your business reality.

We help you to improve your performance, manage risk and to gain sustainable results. We enjoy our long-standing and close relationships to our clients and the fact that they choose to work with us again and again.

WHAT we offer

Stüler Consulting Ltd offers a wide range of consulting services in corporate finance, project finance and financial sector. In our project work we follow an integrative approach with our customers and consider their needs. This way we can guarantee reliable, holistic solutions based on bespoke models which reflect your business processes. We believe that the link between strategy and reality lies in reliable financial models which can be stress tested and measured against everyday changes.

We have assisted numerous companies faced with financial challenges ranging from the corporate clients to the financial institutions. We have successfully implemented corporate restructuring processes, integrated financial planning, shareholder reporting, project financing, property management, financial asset valuation and decision support projects.

Advisory Services

To prepare customers facing the financial challenges in the current economic environment and to ensure the on-going success even after we left a client, we additionally offer trainings in Excel, VBA, financial and business modelling.

WHY we are distinct

We believe that you know your company best and that is why we really listen to your needs. Right from the start we work with you to understand the interaction of the key drivers of your business and the impact of future decisions.

Our specialists love reliable numbers and therefore we follow our Sustainable Modelling Approach (SMA) in all our projects. This means we are dedicate to delivering objective models and scenario analysis combined with sector experience. We test all decision assumptions thoroughly for robustness and will lead to a better prioritisation of opportunities. This leads to manageable scenarios that will bring clarity over future financial performance and the implied risks and rewards and allows you to stress test the feasibility of your plans against future market scenarios. We are passionate about delivering transparent, well structured and sustainable models, that can be understand by all stakeholders and are dedicated on long-lasting results.

Depending on the context of our advisory we can provide you with the tools for a consistent communication with your shareholders, help you to understand and articulate the dynamics of a business, decision or financial asset to stakeholders.

Through our sustainable modelling approach we an help your business to make the right decisions and to turn you strategy into reality.

To discuss how we can help your organisation meet todays challenges, please contact us now.